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Tackling Granite Colors for White Cabinets

By Best New Venetian Gold Granite Team

Being neutral, white is compatible with most colors. That isn’t necessarily the case when considering granite colors for white cabinets. White cabinets are elegant and sophisticated, making a space luxurious and bright. Clean and crisp, in terms of popularity, white tops the list for home cabinets. Yet, it can be overwhelming and monotonous if not tempered with a stroke of color to offset the scheme.


The best option for matching cabinet to granite is contrast. Using dark-colored granite will make the white stand out, yet not leave that brightness to overwhelm. Black granite is an excellent choice, but it might be too much for your purposes. There are plenty of dark hues that cover the gamut of colors.

Soft Options

Granite Colors For White Cabinets 01Go with something that complements the floor, especially if it’s light or soft toned. Light tones are great options when considering colors for kitchen countertops and white kitchen cabinets. Saint Cecilia granite is an excellent choice with its collection of light, speckled surfaces.


Wood floors need a warm-colored countertop to accentuate the design of granite colors for white cabinets. There are plenty of granite colors to fit the need. Bianco Sardo, London White or Stanstead are gray hues that will keep the white cabinet focus of the kitchen.


Granites tend to be patterned so uniquely no two are alike. So, regardless of the primary color choice, expect an appearance that will be personal and alluring to your kitchen.


  • Granite Colors For White Cabinets 04White


      : The shading makes the difference, with colored flecks or speckles ingrained in everything from Egg White to Ivory.


  • Blue


      : The minerals in blue granite can be veined or swirled, realizing a beautiful pattern not seen in other granites. Azul granite is popular, but hard to find.


  • Yellow


      : There’s Tiger Skin to Crème Lagoa, but stay away from brighter shades that only highlight white.


  • Granite Colors For White Cabinets 02Gold


      : Though something like new Venetian gold granite could be a bit much, there are plenty of granite colors for white cabinets in this range that add warm spice to the kitchen.


  • Beige


      : A popular shade, it definitely works with white cabinets. With white, light and dark brown shades in the texture, it’s easy on the eye and has a classic style.


  • Black


      : Nothing says modern and contemporary like black. Black granite countertops are always impressive and classy.


  • Granite Colors For White Cabinets 03Red


      : Striking and rich, it’s a bold choice. It’s also romantic and decorative. Rose granite is considered the rarest color available.


  • Burgundy


      : This has the impact of red and the tradition of brown. It’s an exotic, stylish choice, especially in royal, with its swirls of white and black.


  • Green


      : Green has the most variables in secondary colors. Peacock Green, for instance, combines blues, blacks and other shades of green.


  • Granite Colors For White Cabinets 05Gray


      : This color will always give off a stunning ambiance in a white setting. There are many color variations to choose from.


  • Brown


    : Widely available, brown is a classic, timeless look in the kitchen. Along with beige, it is one of the more popular countertop choices.

If using modular granite countertop kits, a standard installation or deciding between granite vs quartz, find the right granite colors for white cabinets among the multitude of styles available.