Gold Granite from Italy – Review

By Best New Venetian Gold Granite Team

When home owners look for something to do with their kitchens, a common thought is to replace the dingy or unattractive countertops with gold granite countertops. This isn’t a bad idea, since this granite is attractive, durable and can certainly add to the perceived value of a home if not to its actual, monetary value when it comes time to sell. But Venetian gold granite comes with its own set of rules, as well as with a fantastic look, style and grace.


New Venetian Gold

New Venetian gold, which is usually just referred to as new Venetian, is a warm and attractive type of granite that can make your kitchen seem more welcoming and friendly, in addition to being richer looking. New Venetian gold is called a neutral granite, because it and others in the same vein aren’t really dark nor are they bright, leading to a friendly and simple color that can fit in a wide variety of homes and color schemes. Gold granite has a base color that’s similar to gold, but it also has veins of black and grey running through it to provide a counterpoint to the gold that makes up the bulk of the color. The stone also has random sparks and specks of rust and orange, as well as garnet, which can break it up and make the stone look more varied than it probably is.

granite 010Advantages of Venetian Gold

Granite, as a building material for countertops, is a fantastic thing to have in your home. Granite is a hard rock formed in intense heat in the Earth, so it is naturally resistant to heat and it takes a lot of pressure to damage it which leads to granite being long-lived and a major investment when it comes to a room in your home where everything from mallets to butcher knives will be used on a regular basis. Granite is also harder to stain, particularly with the smooth polish and seal that it’s given. Granite carries all of these advantages, in addition to the look, style and luster that a gilded, lighter marble can bring to the aesthetic of your home. Once you’ve put granite countertops into your kitchen they’re easy maintenance, beautiful to look at and they will last longer than most other materials, with perhaps the only exception being stainless steel.

Disadvantages of Venetian Gold Granite

For every up there is a down, and the same is true of Venetian gold just as it is for any other type of granite. The neutrality of Venetian gold might make it the wrong choice for design schemes where the colors are either very dark or very light, making the new Venetian gold granite really stand out (unless of course that’s the goal you have as the designer in the first place). Additionally Venetian gold (like any other kind of marble) is an expensive material to put in your kitchen, and it is not a decision that should be made lightly. This is especially true if you want to redo all of your countertops, which can be quite a lot of space to cover in a beautiful but pricey granite. It’s a very good idea to get samples to compare the Venetian gold against your floor color, wall color and various other aspects of your kitchen before you decide to start pulling out your old countertops in preparation for putting in granite.

granite 02Conclusions

If you come to the conclusion that your kitchen just has to have new Venetian gold countertops, then you need to be sure that you follow all of the instructions properly. Check the samples and make sure it works with your overall design scheme, and check the pricing against how much countertop you’re going to need to be sure that it fits within your budget. If you can afford the new Venetian gold, and you believe that your kitchen deserves the beauty and durability of smooth polished granite, then there is no reason not to give your home the signature look that it deserves. Lastly though, make sure that either your new Venetian gold is properly sealed when you purchase it, or make sure that it gets sealed before you install it. Granite is still porous after all, and a proper seal will help stop it from staining over the years you have it.

How Much Overhang Can My Granite Countertop Get Without Additional Support

By Best New Venetian Gold Granite Team

How Much Overhang Can My Granite Countertop Get Without Additional Support

How much overhang can I have without additional help? The brief answer many people are trying to find is 12 inches. The Marble institute of America suggests a maximum of 12 inches unsupported. This brief answer is not enough as there are variables that has to be understood with smartly answer this doubt. The maximum overhang depends on the hardness of the stone and how much countertop IS FULLY supported vs how much is not. Cantilevered weight offset, is what we need.
Here is an extreme example. If you merely have 6 inches of stone over a wall cap then a maximum safe overhang is 2 inches following the 2/3rds tip. The Marble institutes 12 inch guide line may lead somebody with think that it is actually okay with have 12 inches of overhang when in this case it would immediately fall off the beaten track plus possibly injure anyone with feet in the route of the dropping granite./p>
So with clarify the maximum overhang is the lesser of 2/3rd or 12 inches. Additionally that dependson the fragility of the information. I will never recommend a 12 inch unsupported overhang with Onyx due with how soft plus sensitive the information is plus you can get away with 16 inches if the information was Absolute Black as the information is fissure complimentary plus extremely hard.


How much overhang is it possible to have without additional help? This doubt pops into their heads daily plus affects layout plus overall shape of a lot of kitchens.

The straight answer is about 12 inches for granite, providing 2/3 or more is cantilevered with offset the unsupported weight.

Peninsula overhangs can make or break the overall performance of the kitchen. The use of Corbels or legs to back up additional overhangs can affect chairs plus leg regions thus locating solutions can affect the performance of the kitchen shape.

You can have more plus often less is suggested based upon the actual stone. Really hard boulders can smartly help more overhang, providing the 2/3cantilevered criteria is met. Softer or more sensitive boulders may influence less overhang.

What choices do you have in the event you really will need to have more overhang. well there are couple different ones with consider.

Below are certain of the popular solutions plus choices also certain pros and cons with each solution.

-Corbels- Visible however, decorative

-Brackets- Inexpensive plus effective, installed properly works better about wall covers than on cabinets

-Legs -Visible, ornamental in how of chairs plus peoples legs.

-Granite Countertop help brackets- Hidden plus concealed however, offers wonderful help. They should be installed ahead of the granite plus cut into the case itself. These are generally specifically readily available for this problem.

-Rods- Can be installed within the stone with strengthen plus possibly extend the restrict because technique does reinforces sensitive boulders, however, does nothing with extend the cantilever tip of 2/3rds.

Think a worst case situation like somebody choosing to leap upwards over a counter plus consider, \”would that be safe\” Consider the application form also. what exactly is safe in a frat house is not the same for what exactly is safe in a retirement community. Consider the application form, information, cantilever help plus err with the safe side when making plus planning the amount of overhang you might engineer into a granite countertops.